Our Services
Professional, quality service and sound advise on all aspects of your electrical needs.
GEI’s core business is looking after Registered Electrical Contractors with:
  • Medical Inspections (Body Protected)
  • Temporary Power in Permanent Positions
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Solar Installations (Grid connected & stand alone)
  • Generators
  • Builders Supply Poles
  • Truck Appointments
  • New Connections – Residential & Commercial
For technical information and updates please see our downloads below
Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019
Energy Safe Victoria – 2019 Defect List
Body Protected Areas 2018 rev-C
Determination of COES requirements fro multiple installations – August 2016
2011 Builders Supply Poles 20111129
Handbook 2017 Online
Accessing Live Parts
Switchboard FAQs
Cable Conversion Tables with Amps
Your reference guide to safe and reliable LV switchboards
CP Pal Meter Wiring Diagrams
Plumbers Electricians Handbook
Electrical Inspectors Guidance Note Dec 2009
Prospective Fault Current
Electrical Installations on Construction Sites
Public Events Guidelines V3
ESV MRL Type Lifts
Requirements – Builders Construction Supplies – March 2014
Generator Sizing Amp Chart
Requirements – PV System Upgrade – March 2014
Fault Loop Impedance Ready Reckoner
Requirements – PV System Upgrade – May 2014
Guidance Notes Solar Installations July 2011
S009 2013 Telstra
Guidelines – Prescribed Electrical Installation Work – Oct 2012
Toptronic Network Analyser Procedure & Results
Guidelines for Electrical Supply to Lifts
VESI Code of Practice – Fuse Removal & Reinsertion 2014
Large Switchboards and IP Ratings
Wiring Rules FAQs March 2010
NHP – Down Stream Short Circuit Calculator